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good morning, america. this morning, on the brink. we are just three days away from what many are calling a doomsday default. and overnight both sides dig in. >> they're refusing to negotiate with us and that isn't enough to get it done. >> put something on the table. tell us where you are. >> the pressure is on this weekend for some kind of deal. will either side budge? tarmac collision. two delta planes clipped wings at chicago's o'hare airport. this is the second time this sort of thing has happened in a month. what is going on here? the royal and the rugby player. the queen of england's oldest granddaughter is set to marry today in a lavish catholic ceremony. her groom, a professional rugby player. all the royals are coming including everyone's favorite newlyweds.
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♪ thank you and whale-size gratitude. what happens when you free a humpback whale that's tangled in a net? we're going to show you perhaps the biggest, splashiest, most elaborate thank you on earth. and there it is. the countdown clock to when we hit the debt deadline. that's when the government's credit card will essentially max out. virtually no one had believed it would come down to this, but it has. it is a political mess in washington right now and if that clock hit zero with no deal it could become an economic mess, as well. a potential death knell for an economy that we just found out with yesterday's gdp number is much weaker than previously thought. >> as you said, it is coming at a very difficult time. many economists are calling this the doomsday scenario. it could affect everything from our home loans to our 401(k)s.
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in washington, there was more late night wrangling, but as of this moment, there is little visible progress, and now this morning, the president is once again calling for compromise from both sides in his weekly address. check it outut >> the time for putting party first is over. the time for compromise on behalf of the american people is now. >> but as we can see, compromise is proving very hard to come by. we have a team of reporters and analysts covering all angles of this story this morning. but we begeg with abc's jim sciutto on capitol hill. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. sign of compromise here. the house and senate get back into session just after noon today and it's going to start with another bitter no vote. house republicans vowing to reject the senate's plan even before the senate votes on it itself. that is the state of play heree after another contentious day on friday. speaker boehner had barely an hour to savor his hard fought victory passing the $900 billion
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republican debt reduction plan. >> a motion to reconsider is laid upon the table. >> reporter: though without a single democratic vote. >> i stuck my neck out a mile. a lot of people can never say yes. this house has acted, and it is time for the administration and time for our colleagues across the aisle, put something on the table. tell us where you are. >> reporter: as it came only after boehner added a requirement for a a constitutional balanced budget amendment to placate rebellious conservatives, and that left the plan dead on arrival in the democratically controlled senate which rejected it without a single gop vote. >> they're refusing to negotiate with us and all they do is talk and that's not enough to get it dong. it's time for us to be adults. that's what the american people want. >> reporter: they are getting only more partisan rancor. reid plans a vote on his plan, which includes no balanced budget amendment, early sunday but the houou will get a jump on
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him voting on it even before it reaches the senate floor and almost certainly knocking it down. the question now is when the two sides will negotiate a compromise that can actually pass. and we're told those negotiations have quietly begun. the world is watching the debate going on here and it's not happy, concerned about the effect of a default or even the threat of a default on their economy's interest rates, the world economy. one british official calling all of this "the greatest threat to the world financial system," but voices like that having very little effect here. a very uncertain 72 hours comimi up, not just for the u.s., but the world, dan. >> people all over the world worried. jim sciutto, thank you for your reporting this morning. let's bring in senior political correspondent jon karl who's been all over this story from the jump. jon, we've got the boehner plan and the reid plan. everyone knows neither of these things can pass so what, if anything, is being done to craft some sort of compromise? >> reporter: well, there are, as you heard jim mention, quiet negotiations going on between
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harry reid and mitch mcconnell. trying to find middle ground. mitch mcconnell has been on the phone several times with vice president biden, i am told, over the last several days. they are trying to find one last-ditch effort to get what everybody knows needs to happen, dan, and that is something that has bipartisan support. i got to tell you, though, the atmosphere is so poisoned here, the question is, once they get that agreement, can they pass it? >> well, let me pick up on it. because there's been so much tough talk, even some trash talk. i wonder if there is another wiggle room rhetorically for the hard-liners on either side to back down. >> reporter: well, i think there ----aybe not the hard-liners but i think there is actual wiggle room because if you look at those two bills you have there, there is incredible common ground. they both cut about $900 billion to $1 trillion in spending and both avoid default, and they both set up this super committee to look at deeper cuts by the end of the year. the big question is whether or not the president has to come back and get another debt ceiling increase.
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you can imagine common ground and there's some other trigger to force those spending cuts next year. >> jon, you've covered capitol hill for quite a while now. i want to ask you to lay odds. what are the odds that we'll see some sort of compromise before the debt clock runs out? >> reporter: all right. speaker boehner stuck his neck out, i will do it, as well. i would say 70% chance that we get a deal by the august 2nd deadline right up against the wire, and i would say nearly 100% that we get a deal by the end of next week. we may miss that august 2nd deadline but not by much. >> jon, thanks for sticking your neck out. thank you for laying odds that seem reamably optimistic. we appreciate both of those things and your reporting this morning. bianna, over to you. all right, dan, thank you. well, we want to now take a look at what happens if this clock hits zero and there's still no deal. will the doomsday scenario everyone fears actually play out? well, first the immediate effects could be that the government soon won't be able to pay all of its bills, and decisions will have to be made on what not to pay. that might mean no pay for government workers, no payments
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to contractors, no assistance to states and municipalities, taking millions out of the u.s. economy every day, and we know that's not good for anyone. second, the u.s. could lose its aaa credit rating? what does that mean for you? well, it could send interest rates up on your mortgage, car loan, ved cacredit card, virtually everything you borrow money on. no, you if all of this happen, some economists believe the stock market will plummet. this week alone it dropped 580 points, and many believe it could fall more than 6% if this doomsday scenario turns out to be true. for the average 401(k) holder, that would mean a loss of nearly $9,000. and "barron's" senior editor michael santoli has been reporting on wall street's reaction to the debt crisis. we both talk to people on wall street. three months ago no one would have imagined it would come down to this. you've heard the doomsday scenario. what is the worst case scenario if we default? my 82-year-old grandmother was
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calling me asking me if she would get her social security check. >> we're not talking about default because the government can still pay its interest and principal payments on it debt even if we have to have a limited government shutdown. the government if we don't get a bill will have to prioritize what it pays and what it doesn't pay, whether it's a limited government shutdown or something like that. i think the more tangible adverse result is going to be further weakening of the economy. we basically have businesses pulling back, banks kind of marshaling their cash, and that to me is the biggest long-term risk but the economy gets that much worse already in a fragile state. >> gdp report out, and a few traders i was talking to say it reminds them to what happened in the past. everything came down to one weekend. negotiations in washington. could we see the market tank. >> potentially. the 2008 market showed that the market has to throw a tatarum to get the attention of people in washington. it could happen that way. i do think basically, you know, that 70% kind of handicapping we say we get a deal, i think that's kind of what the
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market is thinking too. if we do really go and not have these negotiations bear any fruit, i do think the market could tank. i think the interest rate risk is actually a longer term potential adverse effect. which i don't think is an immediate thing. i don't think rates will shoot higher even if we don't get a deal. >> i saw you nodding your head. you agree with jon and you say 70% chance. >> i do think that's the likelihood although i do think the august 2nd could be tripped. we have to have that much more brinksmanship before we get a deal. >> we shall see. michael santoli, a busy week on washington and wall street. all eyes on washington. thank you and turn over to dan now. >> fascinating discussion. and that wraps up our coverage of the debt debate this morning. now we want to turn to that small town in new hampshire where e 11-year-old girl simply vanished. this morning in the search for celina cass, investigators are following up on hundreds of leads, and they're even putting in a new cell tower to improve communications in the remote area. abc's ron claiborne has been on this story all week in new hampshire and he's back now with the latest. hey, ron, good morning. >> good morning. law enforcement officials admit candidly that this case has them stumped. they don't even know if they're dealing with a runaway or
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something much more ominous, but all they do know is that celina cass hasn't been seen since she was home monday night. as you can imagine people in that town where she live, stewartstown, new hampshire, are anguished and they are frightened. friday night, hundreds in this small, close-knit community gathered, a vigil for the e -year-old girl missing now for five days. earlier in the day hcelina's familylyent this vow through a family friend. >> celina, if you can hear this now, please know how much we love and we miss you. >> reporter: the 11-year-old was last seen on her computer in her bedroom. on tuesday morning, she was gone. police have said they will interview every person in this town of a little over 1,000. >> at this point we have canvassed approximately 300 homes in the area. >> i'll be basically in the ditch. >> reporter: more than 100 law enforcement officers are now scouring the area, searching back ponds and the local woods and they even lowered the connecticut river to help the search for clues. >> if you saw or know anything
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at all, however insignificant you may think your information is, come forward now. >> reporter: there's been no amber alert for celina becauau law enforcement officials say there's no clear evidence to ggest foul play. nor that celina has been abducted.nor that celina has be abducted. >> from the fbi's perspective, the labeling of this case does not matter. we have brought in additional aviation support. we have brought in additional investigative manpower, and we have also now deployed a specialized evidence response team. >> reporter: abc news has obtained court documents showing in 2003 a judge ordered wendelel noyes, now celina's stepfather to a state mental hospital after he was accused of threaten an ex-girlfriend. noyes has not been named as a suspect in this case. this is a small town not at all used to crime. what would you say is the mood, the sense of how people are feeling today? >> shocked probably. >> very overwhelmed. >> reporter: for now the family's house is empty surrounded by police crime scene tape waiting for celina to come home.
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and when i spoke to investigators, they said a big problem is the rugged mountainous terrain in that part of new hampshire along the canadian border. there are just so many places where someone could hide or they say could be hidden. bianna? >> as you can see, the entire town was shocked. all right. ron, thank you. well, now to a strange scene that played out in a texas courtroom during the trial of warren jeffs. the polygamous sect leader charged with sexually assaulting a child, this week, jeffs fired his defense team and said very little until yesterday when he jumped up and objected for nearly an hour. abc's dan kloeffler is here with the story. >> reporter: yeah, there was. a lot of people watching this case closely. despite the magnitude of the charges warren jeffs is going it alone without lawyers, and right from the start of this trial, he has shown a combative, almost condescending approach to defend his name and his actions. the silent sectarian who's been near mute in court broke his silence with two ringing words "i object" as an fbi agent was
8:13 am
about to list names of people in polygamous compound of warren jeffs, jeffs suddenly stood and began to deliver his objections for almost an hour seemingly thinking that he was on a pulpit, not a courtroom. jets said there is sacred trust given to religious leadership not to be touched by government agencies. for 55 minutes he droned on attacking the court for infringing on his rights and saying that he's not looking for the court's proval, but his near hour sermon came to an end when the judge told him time's up. >> you have to look at warren jeffs like you look at many people that create cults, become the leader of cults like a david koresh, like a jim jones. they aspire to those positions because they believe they're the messiah. >> god's talking to you, and god says to do something, and it comes out of warren's mouth, i mean you do it. there are no ifs, and the or buts about it. you do it. >> are you ready for trial, sir? >> reporter: thursday he fired his entire legal team and is representing himself.
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>> one might view this as his -- him saying that this is my battle, and i want to represent myself. >> reporter: the wacky and the unusual seem to have become the norm in this case, and this was just another example. for this case it seems that the bizarre has just begun. and at the end of his nearly hour-long sermon, the judge overruled jeffs' objection saying that court rules prohibited him from objecting while testifying. they ordered him to meet with his fired lawyers before the next court session begins on monday. >> you have breaking news. >> that is right. in the caribbean airlines plane, jetliner has crashed with 140 people on board. it crashed early this morning while landing in guyana. the plane broke in two. it was raining and the plane overshot the runway and crashed through a fence. it left new york city and stopped in trinidad first. amazingly, no one was killed but at least two people suffered broken legs.
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a frightening incident at one of our runways. two delta planes collided. that was last night. the wing clipped the tail of another while it was back ago way from the loading gate. it caused minor damage to both plane, no injurieseshough were reported. and in texas, they were praying for heavy rain from tropical storm don, but don turned out to be a dud. the storm failed to bring much rain to the state, which is suffering through an epic drought. abc's matt gutman joins us now with details from corpus christi in texas. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, ron, well, this is exactly what texans did not want to see this morning, clear skies, dry pavement and a gentle breeze. tropical storm don broke up almost as soon as it hit the texas coast. that's how dry and how hot it has been here. the only place that did get rain, brownsville, only half an inch and unfortunately brownsville was one of the places that didn't need it. cotttt farmers were concerned
8:16 am
that it would rip cotton off the stalks so frantically harvested it yesterday. apparently there was no need to do that so as a drought buster, tropical storm don wasn't really effective and this place still needs 15 inches of rain, ron. >> okay, thanks very much. matt gutman from corpus christi. finally an early pardon for one lucky turkey. veterinarians are treating a turkey who fell off a poultry truck. the 45-pound bird has been nicknamed miss november but miss november is expected to end up in a a farm sanctuary to peacefully live out the rest of her life. not on somebody's thanksgiving table. >> did you know that turkeys could run 35 miles an hour. >> i did know that. did d you, bianna? >> i did after you told me that on the show. >> chased by a few turkeys. that's how he knew. >> i've sat with a few turkeys in my time. >> i'm going to extinguish this fire here.
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>> yeah, that's right. thank you, ron. let's get over to the weather now and someone who is definitely thought a turkey, casey curry from our abc affiliate 13. >> makes me happy i'm over here. hey, matt was just talking about what was tropical storm don. it was not the drought buster that most of the state of texas was hoping for. dry air moved into that system quickly and made it dissipate quickly, as well. season.e heart of hurricane always something to worry about. out into the caribbean. this could become emily, even as early as the early part of next week. we're also experiencing impressive heat once again. dallas on its way to the 29th day in a row with temperatures in the triple digits. the heat expands into the
8:18 am
>> back to you, bianna. >> all right, casey, thank you. well, dan, are you ready for this? >> yes. >> royal wed, rouou two, in the uk today. i know you're thrilled about this. prince harry isn't eloping. calm down, ladies. it's his cousin, the queen's oldest granddaughter zara phillips. she's getting married in scotland today and the entire royal family including william and kate are on the guest list. abc's lama hasan has details from london this morning. good morning, lama. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. yes, round two, indeed. the royal family is getting together once again for another royal wedding, but this time it's more of a private affair. it's less pomp and circumstance thananhe other wedding we saw three months ago. the celebrations began with a cocktail party on the royal yacht "britannia."
8:19 am
yep, you guessed it. these newlyweds stole the show. harry was there, and, gals, it doesn't look like he had a date. but they are not your typical royal couple. she is zara phillips, a/ka/ the royal wild child with a pierced tongue. a sporty 30-year-old world class equestrian. he is mike tindall, a burly man who plays the quintessential and tough british sport rugby and, yes, just like the duchess of cambridge, he too is a commoner. but for this wedding, the eyes of the world will not be on the bride and groom. >> zara's granny happens to be the queen, the head of ate, but that's the only sort of real royal connection. other than that it is like any other wedding on a saturday afternoon. >> reporter: zara is the queen's first granddaughter. her mother is prince charles' sister, princess anne, which means her and the prince are first cousins. but her mother chose not to give her a royal title which means
8:20 am
she has a little more freedom and less royal duties. they've been described as a down to earth couple. remember their engagement photos. check it out. they're wearing jeans. a little different than prince william and catherine's glamorous shots. >> they're like ordinary people. she's miss zara phillips. he's mr. mike tindall. she will be mrs. mike tindall. >> reporter: the couple met eight years ago, and guess who introduced them, the party prince himself, prince harry. and the newlyweds won't be going on honeymoon. they're going straight back to training, straight back to work. doesn't sound fair, does it, bianna? >> i kind of like the casual look there. the engagement pictures in jeans. >> tongue piercing and all. coming up on "gma," you're going to want to see this. how does a whale say thank you to humans who rescued d her? it is a grand and joyous gesture. we'll show you in a minute. plus, my one-on-one with katy perry. she's one of the biggest pop stars today, now she's in a new movie. but what does she want to do next?
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and amanda knox is back in court today. the final day of testimony as she appeals her murder conviction. what are the experts saying that could set this young american free? purina cat chow helps you well-being. we're all striving for it. nurture it in your cat with a full family of excellent nutrition and helpful resources. purina cat chow. share a better life. but for some of us with overactive bladder, our pipes just don't work as well as they should. sometimes, i worry my pipes might leak. but i learned there's something more i can do. now, i take care with vesicare.
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♪ na na na na na na na na na na na na na na ♪ check this out, this is how a whale says thank you. this extraordinary display of gratitude happened after a group of people did a very nice thing for this whale. we'll tell you what they d d and a little more about this video coming up on "gma." we had a big debate this morning about what kind of thank you song we should use as a backdrop. bianna has pointed out i suggested something from "the golden girls." >> i wasn't go to bring it up but you did and thank you for being a friend, dan. >> yes, you're very welcome. good morning, america. i'm dan harris. >> and i'm bianna golodryga. it's saturday, july 30th. also ahead, i got a chance to sit down with one of the biggest pop stars around, katy perry. her career has exploded just like a firework over the past year, and now she's taking on the big screen, but what is
8:31 am
really fascinating is her relationship with her parents, you'll want to hear what she says about that. >> i'm interested to hear about that. also speak of pop stars, remember tiffany from the '80s, tually she was a big favorite of bianna's in the '80s. she's back with a new cd and she's making a little bit of a career switch-up. she's performing for us this morning in our summer concert series in a few minutes. >> ah, memories. but we do begin with amanda knox. today is the last scheduled day of testimony at her appeals trial. the american college student convicted of murdering her roommate has b bn in an italian jail since 2007. new forensic evidence gave her and her family hope she may be coming home very soon. abc's t.j. winick is here with more. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. a remarkable tururof events. during the original trial, thehe prosecution had no eyewitnesses and no clear motive. the case rested almost entirely on two key pieces of evidence. well, independent experts now say that evidence was tainted. for amanda knox, the seattle exchange student convicted of
8:32 am
murder, these court appointed experts may be the key to her freedom. she's been locked away in an italian prison for nearlrlfour years. but this morning, in court for her appeal, the victim's attorneys announced they want each party's forensic experts to retestify. this after new revelations which could very well set amanda free. it was november 2007 when knox along with boyfriend raffaello sollecito and a third man were charged in the stabbing death of her roommate meredith kercher. prosecutors claim it was a drug-fueled evening, a sex game gone wrong. in 2009 knox was convicted and sentenced to 26 years in prison, sollecito to 25. back in court for her appeal earlier this week, the 24-year-old knox looked fragile and pale. but then that shocking testimony regarding key forensic evidence on the victim's bra clasp said
8:33 am
to contain dna of sollecito and on the alleged murder weapon, a kitchen knife said to contain knox's dna. >> these independent experts came forward saying there is no evidence on the knife. this little bra clasp also had no evidence of dna of the young man. >> reporter: not only no blood or dna, but strict international guidelines for collecting dna were apparently violated. >> taking away the material evidence destroys the case, and i don't think that they can go very much farther with it. >> reporter: for amanda her freedom may very well not be a question of if but when. >> i was able to speak to the priest in jail who was there when she heard the news. he said, you could see the light in her eyes, and she could finally breathe for the first time in over three years. >> reporter: after today the courts go on break for the summer. the hearings will then likely resume in another month with a verdict expected at the end of september. and, of course, you know, the entire knox family can hardly wait.
8:34 am
>> i'm sure. they've been by her side since day one. we've just been talking about, we can't believe it's been over three years we've been following the case. all right, t.j., thank you. we'll turn back to ron claiborne with the other headlines this morning. >> hi again, bianna, dan, t.j., how are you doing? >> good. >> okay. good morning. in the news, behind-the-scenes talks have begun in an effort to avoid the nation's first default in history. senate majority leader harry reid and mitch mcconnell have quietly started negotiating with three days left until the tuesday debt deadline. and iraq is more dangerous than it was a year ago. that's the conclusion of a new report from a u.s. government watchdog. it comesess baghdad and washington are negotiating whether to keep the u.s. military in iraq past a year-end withdrawal deadline. and former president richard nixon's grand jury testimony about the watergate scandal could be made public soon. a federal judge has ordered that the nearly 300-page transcript be released but the obama finally, an honor for l. a man that many considered the father of rock 'n' roll. a statue of chuck berry was dedicated in suburban it will on
8:35 am
friday. the 84-year-old still performs at a club across the street from the statue. still rocking at 84. isn't that something? >> incredible. >> time for the weather now from casey curry. >> we are checking severe weather. let's start off with video from west chester, north of new york city where they had all kinds of rough weather and lots of wind damage. at one point at the height of the storm, 20,000 people without power. today we're looking at severe weather across the far northern plains, areas like fargo, minneapolis, sioux falls, likely to see rough weather again today and more monsoonal rains for parts of the west. flooding will be possible throughout this region, and back here across the rest of the country, we'll continue to watch the heat build into the mid-atlant
8:36 am
what many are calling a doomsday >> thi >> this weather report has been brought to you by splej da. dan and bianna? >> we care about accuracy. we should say you're from abc 13. >> i wasn't going to correct ron, especial ly when it comes to houston. >> it's very difficult to correct ron. we know that. >> 1 1 13, okay. we show ron. he just ran into the -- anyway, we'll show you that later. are we going to show them. there he is. >> my apologies. 13, abc 13. >> there he is. >> casey -- >> you can buy me a -- >> we're all friends here. now to an amazing story of man, beast and gratitude. it all happened in the sea of cortez off baja california. some researchers came across a humpback whale who was tangled in a net. they worked like crazy to free the struggling animal, and what happened next amazed everybody. when the team of researchers came across this humpback whale
8:37 am
floating listlessly, they thought she was dead and then one of the researchers, michael fishbach, decided to hop in to see what was wrong. he discovered that she was tangled in 200 feet of netting and quickly losing strength. >> she was in horrible shape. this humpback whale would not have survived another night. she really had a hard time moving and even breathing. >> reporter: he tried to free her, but he couldn't. >> i got his dorsal fin free. that's it. >> his floats are screwed. >> reporter: so he and his teammates worked furiously from the boat to cut her loose with only a small knife to help them. >> he knows what's going on. >> he knows what we're doing. >> he's got to be able to breathe too. >> reporter: partially freed, the whale started swimming with the boat. >> we're being taken for a ride by a whale. >> reporter: the whale soon got tired, so they went back to work pulling and cutting the net.
8:38 am
>> her life was on the line, and she kind of knew that we were her chance. we were her lifeline to live. >> did you get it? >> reporter: after an hour. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> we did it. >> reporter: the whale was finally free. >> we saved a humpback whale. as she swam off, there was this and then this. >> wow! >> reporter: and then another. the whale leapt out of the water 40 different times. it felt like a celebration. >> the magnificent life form on this planet, which was really on the brink of death, was free and was just showing its joy of being alive. >> that is just incredible. >> i'm going to cry. >> and it is incredibly emotional and there's almost no other way to interpret it other than a thank you. >> and it gives new meaning to the phrase, actions speak louder than word, huh? >> it does. >> that was unbelievable.
8:39 am
all right, well, coming up on "good morning america," two superstars. i talk with one, one-on-one with katy perry about music and movies and marriage and what's next for her. >> and when katy perry was still in diapers, a singer named tiffany was tearing up the charts. the '80s pop sensation performing for us later in the broadcast. ♪ but what will they say ♪ but what will they say small ways to be more healthy.r like new splenda® essentials™ no calorie sweeteners. this bowl of strawberries is loaded with vitamin c. and now, b vitamins to boot. coffee doesn't have fiber. unless you want it to. get more with new splenda® essentials™, a small boost of fiber, or antioxidants, or b vitamins in every packet. same great taste with an added "way to go, me" feeling. new splenda® essentials™. get more out of what you put in. look in this sunday's paper for a three dollar coupon.
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[ kimberly ] and university of phoenix made it possible. learn more at ♪ because baby you're a firework ♪ her music is catchy, is it not? >> i'm a little bit of a music snob, and even i like katy perry a lot. >> katy perry has taken the music world by storm with a string of number one hits and hit videos. now she's taking on hollywood as the voice of smurfette in the new "smurfs" movie. i talked about her trip to the top of the charts and her latest career move. ♪ peace make dreams >> reporter: known almost as much for her changing looks as much as her addictively catching songs. ♪ baby you're a firework >> reporter: and those songs have caught on big timing. five number one hits, a movie and a royal tour. snoof
8:43 am
you're the envy of most people in your industry right now. tell us what this year has been like. >> i've been really focused the past couple of years. at the very beginning it was a bit difficult to adjust, you know, because everything is so new,and you're like holding on for dear life. >> reporter: it's been one wild ride for perry and one vastly different from her upbringing. she was raised by strict evangelical parents. her first album was gospel under her real name katy hudson. it's a genre she still loves. >> there's some amazing gospel use music out there because it's got so much heart and so much soul. >> reporter: that makes her first hit all the more surprising. ♪ i kissed a girl and i liked it ♪ >> reporter: it was that song about kissing a girl that launched her career. and it's been nonstop ever since. is it overwhelming to have all of this notoriety and fame come at you? >> it's a balance is what you got to have, i think is what i found, and it's a big responsibility. i think when you're young and you have a dream, you think of the main points of the dream,
8:44 am
oh, i want to be on stage, i want to wear lovely costumes, i want to write amazing songs that, you know, connect with ways, but you don't realize that for every job, you know, there's a lot of responsibility and a lot of pressure most definitely, but i think it's a good pressure. >> reporter: part of that pressure is dealing with everything that comes with her success. well, there's also a price that a lot of celebrities and i'm sure you included that has to pay dealing with a balance between your own privacy. >> yes. >> reporter: and obviously connecting with your fans and your audience. paparazzi always hounding a lot of celebrities now. how do you handle that balance? >> well, privacy is really important, especially in my personal life with my husband and i, and we just cherish it so much, and we go to great lengths,s,hether it means we have to ride in the back of a laundry truck to get out of a place unnoticed. we'll go for it. >> well, okay, that is not what i had in mind. >> reporter: now a new and completely different career turn.
8:45 am
perry is now the voice of smurfette in the new "smurfs" movie. >> you messed with the wrong girl. >> reporter: ironic since her parents didn't allow her to watch it growing up. >> i wasn't allowed to watch it growing up, but now we're all showing up to "the smurfs" premiere. people change and i encourage change. i think it's an evevution and it's good for you, and i think with my family and my parents, they've grown up, as well, just like we have and they've kind of like let go of the leash. >> reporter: for her the role was a safe, if small, step into the film world. >> i didn't want to go too far. i wanted to kind of work my way into the film world. >> reporter: what are the nextxt few years going to be like for you? what can we expect to see? >> well, i think i need to live a little bit after this tour so that the living will give me greater material for the next record, and i think when i start to make my next record, i'm just going to put my finger on the pulse of what the world is feeling now or then, whenever it
8:46 am
is, and try and tap into that. >> the world certainly is feeling a lot of love for katy. there are two actors in the family. she mentioned her russell brand, famous actor, as well. a lot going on in their life. but we'll be right back with a performance from your favorite '80s star. mine too. a [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day with less chronic low back pain. imagine living your life with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a non-narcotic treatment that's fda-approved
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>> did everybody know that tiffany's gone country? here she is with a new song from her new cd. ♪ i've been driving all night ♪ a sign says right here party
8:50 am
like there's no fear ♪ ♪ i'm getting off here tasting a hell of a time neon flashing lights ♪ ♪ i feel the pump pump thump from the outside getting dirty tonight i wanna feel the music ♪ ♪ get wild in this town shake it up and lose it till the walls fall down ♪ ♪ i wanna groove up on the melody and feel the beat inside of me and be the only star in the crowd ♪ >> come on. ♪ i wanna feel the music all around ♪
8:51 am
♪ i'll let you buy me a drink let you think what you wanna think ♪ ♪ but i got my eye on the guy playing funky slide guitar ♪ ♪ he's the only one i'm letting get that far ♪ ♪ i wanna feel the music get wild in this town ♪ ♪ shake it up and lose it till e walls fall down ♪ ♪ i wanna groove up on the melody and feel the beat inside of me ♪ ♪ and be the only star in the crowd i wanna feel the music all around ♪ >> can you feel the music?
8:52 am
♪ wrappin' round that feeling lordy everybody rock your body goin' for a crazy ride ♪ ♪ i wanna feel the music get wild in this town ♪ ♪ shake it up and lose it till the walls fall down ♪ ♪ i wanna groove up on the melody and feel the beat inside of me ♪ ♪ and be the only star in the crowd i wanna feel the music all around ♪ ♪ i wanna feel the music sic(lyrics): ♪ whatever i have i'll share it. i'd love to give it to you. i can surely make do with less than two. and that's how sharing works. cause sharing means caring.
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that's it from us at abc news. be sure to tune in tonight for "world news." you'll be filling in for david muir. >> right. >> stay tuned to for all breaking news. for all breaking news. >> see youomanra ycar.yota i ye i oman yr wa atoe.skip for all breaking news. >> see youomanra ycar.yota i ye
8:57 am
and e docr y.omanrar nawao the
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